Culinary Habits Of Kids In Denmark

Did you know that kids in Denmark generally keep a nutritious and healthy diet plan. Of course, they too have their share of soda, milkshakes, sweets and other delicious treats like other kids around the world. Perhaps the only difference is that the daily meal plan that they have include the more traditional Danish cuisine that are definitely healthy.

The typical Danish breakfast include a good serving of yogurt, cereal and bread with either jam or cheese. The breakfast meal is also not complete without that slice of fruit and a cup of tea, juice or milk. Looking at this alone, one could say that the Danish breakfast is definitely a pack of everything that is healthy. It is enough for a young kid to last the whole day packed with energy he needs.

Most kids bring packed lunches to school. Usually, kids bring sandwiches with them. Parents prepare the sandwich with a slice of ham or salami for their kids because it is very easy to prepare. Not only is it practical, but because sandwiches can be a good source of nutrients too. When that slice of ham or salami comes with a slice of tomatoes and fresh lettuce, the simple sandwich becomes a complete meal in an instant. Alongside this sandwich is either a slice of bread or cucumber or maybe even pickles.

In the afternoon, Danish kids usually enjoy slices of fruits to refresh them after a day in school. If kids are a bit lucky, they get a slice of cake for a treat. However, most Danish parents prefer to serve their kids with a glass of cold milk after school to help strengthen their bones and relax them too.

For Danes, dinner is the most important meal of the day. Not only should it be served hot, but it should be a complete meal with a good source of carbs, essential protein and vitamins and minerals. Most of the time, Danes enjoy a pasta dish with a healthy serving of meat and veggies. On some nights, they enjoy slices of pizza too.


If only kids in the other parts of the world follow the culinary diet that Danish kids live by, they would be a whole lot healthier. 

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