Danes Are Online Shopping Fans

The internet has indeed made shopping very convenient nowadays. Imagine being able to buy whatever you want right in the comfort of your home or office. No wonder it has captured the attention of most Danish people.

It has been confirmed that the Danes are huge fans of online shopping. For this, Denmark has been recognized as the country with the most number of people doing internet shopping. Out of 10 adult Danes, six prefer to shop on the internet, according to the 2008 figures from Eurostat, the statistics office of the European Union.

The head of the Danish Distance Selling and E-business Association said e-commerce in Denmark is not only focused on local products and services but even those that cater to the international market. Overall, Eurostat’s analysis showed that the most popular items often purchased by people in the EU are clothes, sports goods as well as travel and holiday accommodation.

The frequent use of the internet for shopping by the Danes has also been confirmed by another study. The survey that covered the online shopping habits of Danes and Estonians aged from 12 to 18 found that the young Danes are more familiar with internet shopping and buying. The Danish youngsters also have a more positive view of online shopping compared to the Estonians as they consider the benefits more than the risks involved.

Nielsen Indonesia, for its part, pointed out that more than 85 percent of the online population worldwide has used the internet to buy items. The Nielsen Global Online Survey focused on internet shopping habits showed that online shopping improved by 40 percent in the past two years.

Another report on the shopping habits in the Nordic countries revealed that in Denmark, more than 90 percent of consumers read weekly promotional brochures which guide their decision to shop. While this pertains to face to face shopping, it’s still worth considering when it comes to the buying habits of Danes.

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