Danes Love To Work

This may be a surprise and you are probably asking why Danes love to work? Let’s have a look at this fact with experts and find the reasons behind it.

Working Danes

The “Analyze Denmark” institute showed that more than half of the asked persons would keep working even if they won big amount of money in the national lottery. Only 18% would quit their work and enjoy an easy lifestyle.

The experts agreed that work is an important part of Danish daily lives.  Jobs in Denmark are not only seen as a source of money, but they also provide challenge, identity and the social contacts that are so important for humans.

Another reason that Danes love their jobs and continue working even if they financially don’t depend on them might be the Lutheran lifestyle, sociologist Henrik Dahl thinks. The Lutheran values promote hard working.

The contrast between working days and holidays should be also obvious. “A holiday that has no contrast to the daily life has no relevance,” Dahl said.

Psychologist Einar Baldursson points at the changing attitudes towards employment: 20 years ago the workplace made the employees feel used, “today we believe that we grow and draw energy through our work.”

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