Danish Band Goes on U.S. Tour

Denmark has sure produced great music artists in various genres who have gained international fame. One of them is Kashmir, a rock band managed by Sony Denmark.

Music fans in the U.S. and Mexico will soon get a taste of Kashmir’s music as the Danish band visits Texas and California as well as Mexico City. This is the first North American tour of the band in support of their second U.S. EP entitled “No Balance.” The EP will officially be released in the U.S. on February 16. However, Kashmir has already released a track from the EP entitled Kalifornia through a video created by a fan.

Kashmir’s series of shows will start in March 2010. In the United States, the Sony Denmark band will have performances in Austin, Texas specifically at the South By Southwest as well as in Los Angeles, California. Latest reports say tickets to the concerts in Mexico City have been sold out.
The Kashmir band is composed of four male musicians – Kasper Eistrup on vocals and lead guitar, Mads Tunebjerg on bass,  Asger Techau on drums and Henrik Lindstrand on keyboards and guitar. These men formed their rock n’ roll band in 1991 at a boarding school in Frederiksberg in Denmark originally carrying the name Nirvana. They eventually changed their name to Kashmir based on a song by Led Zeppelin.

Late last year, Kashmir released two EPs in the U.S. titled Zitilities and No Balance Palace. Their very first EP title Petite Machine was released in its digital form in September 2009.

This Danish rock band has produced five albums in Europe and has collaborated with famous artists such as David Bowie and Lou Reed. It has also received 10 Danish Music Awards and achieved double platinum sales having sold more than 500,000 records worldwide. Concert tours in most places they go to are always sold out.

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