A Danish Christmas

Christmas dominates the last month of the year in Denmark.  Everywhere you go, you can see decorations of fir garlands and Christmas lights especially in shopping streets.  These days, trees are covered with fairy lights.  This is a custom that started when they lit the first Christmas tree in the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen.

The Danes join in the countdown to Christmas Eve by lighting a calendar candle everyday and the Advent wreath on the last four Sundays before Christmas.  The advent wreath marks the four Sundays in the Christian Advent with its four candles.

There are various kinds of parties during the Christmas month, the most popular of which is the Christmas Lunch party that is held in most workplaces.  The staff eat a typical Danish lunch which consist of special Danish Dishes.  This is also accompanied by beer and schnapps or wine.


Many Danish families and friends also go out together to chop down the Christmas tree on one of the last Sundays before Christmas, and afterwards, they gather around.

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