Danish Edison as the Creator of Jensen Loudspeakers

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The loudspeaker will always have a connection with Denmark courtesy of Danish inventor Peter L. Jensen. Although Jensen developed his invention when he was already living in America, this does not negate the fact that the loudspeaker was developed by a Dane. From its original use for public address systems, Jensen speakers eventually became an important component for amplifying the sound of musical instruments.

Starting in the mid 1940s up to the 1960s, major amplifier companies used Jensen musical instrument speakers because of their impressive tone. Unfortunately, production was discontinued during the later part of 1960s only to be continued under a licensing agreement with an Italian speaker manufacturer during the 1990s. The Jensen speakers being produced today are being made according to the original design of its inventor.

Danish Edison – that is how Peter Jensen is often referred to in obvious comparison with the famous inventor Thomas Edison. The rise to fame of his creation which he did with his business partner Edwin Pridham started when it was showcased in a large Christmas show in San Francisco. In that event, popular Christmas carols were heard by an audience of about 75,000 people through the use of a single speaker which they called the Magnavox.

The speech made by President Woodrow Wilson in 1919 in San Diego was done using two Magnavox speakers. Jensen did not get rich with his invention. He was recognized however by both Denmark and the US for his contribution. His greatest regret about his invention was its use as propaganda machines by Hitler and other dictators.

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