Danish Food of Early Times

During the times when majority of Denmark’s population were into farming and fishing, food preparation needed to address the need for energy and preservation. The Danes of olden times were known to be very hardworking. It is in this environment and condition that preserved meat became not only a delicious option but a practical one as well.

Some of the more popular that are even considered culinary delicacies today include the Danish smoked ham or pork, the spegepølse or Danish salami, and the sylte or the head cheese or brawn. The smoked meat as traditionally prepared can last up to a year. This longevity factor is true as well with the other two delicacies. The excellent food preservation process was very useful especially during those times when refrigeration was practically unheard of. The most preferred food preservation methods were smoking, salting, and brine-pickling.

The Danes have always been fond of rye bread and beer. In time, fish and meat dishes came with new favorites in the form of potatoes and heavy gravy. The present Danish food culture remains rooted to tradition though and this is very much manifested both in everyday cooking and food preparation during special occasions. 

The love affair of the Danes with rye bread spans over 1000 years with its popularity not ever waning. This popularity is explained by the bread’s suitability to the Danish climate. It can be said that Danes hold on to tradition in more ways than one inlcuding their food preference.

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