Danish Food

Danish Food

Hearty, rustic and filling – these define what traditional Danish cuisine is all about. It is influenced by German and French cooking and strongly rooted in the need to use locally produced and available ingredients as well as in preservation. Potatoes, meats and fish, cheeses and dark breads are all pantry staples in a Danish household. However, the past years have seen the evolution of Danish cuisine – local chefs have come up with inventive ways to use traditional and locally-produced ingredients that have put Denmark on the world culinary map.

Here are some of the traditional Danish food that have stood the test of time and are still enjoyed in most households and served in restaurants.

Smorrebrod. An open-faced buttered rye bread sandwich served with beer and snaps. The toppings can be anything – from smoked meats, fish, seafood, cheese to vegetable slices. Some of the local favorites include salmon, marinated herring and onions, liver pate with salted beef and raw onions, and smoked eel with scrambled eggs and herbs.

Medisterspolse. A traditional dinner favorite made with spicy pork sausage served with thick brown gravy, boiled potatoes and stewed cabbage.

Flaeskesteg. Usually served during Christmastime, the dish is made with roast pork with crackling and served with red cabbage and roasted, caramelized potatoes.

Boller i karry. A curry dish made with meat balls made with pork, apple and celery and boiled in hot water. This is served with white rice and cucumber salad.

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