Danish Government Eyes Job Growth

Denmark is on a rebound as it now aims to promote employment growth for its young people. Despite a favorable job climate, the country faced youth unemployment perhaps as an effect of the global financial crisis.

The good news is that the Danish government has come up with a public investment plan worth one billion kroner ($192 million) to generate some 5,000 work placements for the young folks by 2010. The idea is to secure 5,000 internship places particularly for students to solve the unemployment issue. This plan will be laid out during the parliament’s session in autumn. In addition, educational opportunities or job placement will be offered by the local council to students aged 18 to 19 years old just within the week after applying for their welfare benefits.

The target market of this government plan is to help the young citizens without the proper education get into the labor market and assist students to find jobs in Denmark after graduating. Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen earlier expressed concern over the increasing number of young people without work adding that the situation can affect their future.

Currently, placements for internship and training for the youth have gone down by 27 percent this year. Some 6,400 young people have been out of placements as of August or about a 15 percent increase. Students in work placements normally receive a standard trainee wage from the company they work for.

In Denmark land, students pursuing higher education are normally required to undergo a compulsory work placement such as internships. But officials are worried that with decreasing placements, students may become discouraged and drop out of their studies. 

Fortunately, compared to other countries in Europe, the rate of youth unemployment in Denmark land is still lower than the average. But although this is the case, the issue is already being addressed. 

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