Denmark Aiming to Cut CO2 Emissions by 40%

The new government of Denmark has taken up quite the bold attempt to instill a heavy energy reform in the country’s industry, trying to reduce the use of fossil fuels as much as possible, while also cutting down on the emissions of the various greenhouse gases which have a large impact on the climate changes we’re observing in modern times.

The policy book issued by the government states that their plans are to reduce the nation’s overall CO2 emissions by up to 40% by the end of 2020, with the baseline for comparison being 1990. A 40% reduction in 30 years is a remarkable feat indeed, and it can definitely have a strong impact on the country’s development and the overall wellbeing of its citizens – not to mention its effects on the rest of the world.

Transportation reforms as well as heavier use of wind power are the main methods which the government is planning to employ to help alleviate the situation, with a new legislation making its way that’s planned to be passed by the end of the current year. It’s an energy bill that aims to have long-term effects on the country’s energy use and expenses, pushing it towards greener sources of energy and an overall cleaner method of operation. The government acknowledges that this will only be possible through incurring some immediate costs on various businesses and even end-users, with most of those costs being related to installing the proper new equipment – but it’s for an ultimately better way of living, which all Danes are likely to understand.

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