Denmark Castles You Must Visit

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Walking around Denmark doesn’t have to be the usual see-the-sights kind of tour. You’d be surprised at the rich history that is coupled with everything that you need in Denmark. From its top tourist destinations to the Denmark Castles that you are yet to see, your trip to Denmark is definitely something worth your time.

These castles have become a home to the Danish Royal Family for generations. Each one carries with it a rich cultural history that has helped shaped the Denmark that many people know of today. Whichever one of these castles you choose to visit first, just keep an open heart in hearing stories of long lost love, history and rich culture.

  • First stop is the Egeskov Castle. It is known to be the living castle in Funen. Egeskov is not the typical castle that you may see. It is one of the finest and most elegant Renaissance structures in all of Europe and even the world. It features a real moat, a knight’s hall, spires and ghastly creatures. Indeed, it is the castle that best represents the Renaissance period and its rich history.

  • Second in the list is the Frederiksborg Palace. It is strategically built in three islets in HIllerod, just a bit north of Copenhagen. The palace is known for the beautiful garden that it is surrounded with. It is like one of those shown in movies and Fairy tales. When you come to visit, you will surely love the garden at the first glance.

  • Third visit should be the Christiansborg Palace. It is located in the small island of Slothsholmen. It is the home for the Danish Parliament, the Ministry of State as well as the Supreme Court of Denmark. Parts of the palace are used for the gatherings of the Royal family.

These and more when it comes to the Denmark Castles that you must visit. Just keep in mind that all you need to do is to enjoy.

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