Denmark Gets a Clean Bill of Good Governance

Just when other countries are dealing with corruption among their government officials, Denmark gets a clear mark. In other words, this Scandinavian country has a clear conscience because of its continuous practice of good governance. Kudos then to the efficient officials who have made Denmark a worthy role model in proper governance around the world.

For the second straight year, Denmark tops an international survey as the least corrupt country in the world. The yearly survey of Transparency International showed Denmark together with Sweden and New Zealand as having the highest grade of 9.3 for being countries with the least corruption corruption. Being determined in this survey is how easy or hard it is to bribe authorities to promote their interest.

On the lowest rank for two straight years are Somalia and Myanmar or the former Burma. They both gained the lowest grade of 1.4. Iraq, on the other hand, is on third lowest place with a grade of 1.5.

According to Transparency International which is based in Berlin, Germany, corruption refers to the abuse of public office for personal gain. The group also points to public officials and politicians as the main sources of corruption. It covers 180 countries in its survey that gets the opinions of business people and country analysts from 12 independent institutions. The highest score is ten which means a country has no signs of corruption while a zero grade means a high level of corruption exists.

In the 2006 survey, Denmark tied with Finland and New Zealand on the top spot with a 9.4 rating while Myanmar and Somalia on the last spot with a score of 2. The three top countries maintained their rank in the 2007 survey while Myanmar and Somalia earned a much lower rating of 1.4. Countries that have showed improvements include Italy, Romania, South Africa, Cuba, Croatia and Costa Rica among others. Those that retained a poor rating are Thailand, Jordan, Bahrain, Austria, Oman, Macau and New Guinea among others.

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