Traveling to Denmark by plane is the best option as Denmark has over 21 airports spread across the country, with many accepting international and European flights. The Danish word for airport is Lufthavn.

Copenhagen Airport

Denmark’s Copenhagen International Airport is one of Europe’s major airports, flying in excess of 18-million passengers per year to both distant and domestic destinations.  This is the largest of the airports in Denmark as well.

There are three terminals: Terminal 1 for domestic and international flights; Terminal 2 for domestic only flights and Terminal 3 for international flights only; a free shuttle bus links terminals 1 and 3.

The Copenhagen Airport is located 8 km south of Copenhagen city center, and 24 km west of Malmö city center.

The Copenhagen Airport can be accessed in various ways:

  • By rail: Copenhagen Airport has its own railway station underneath Terminal 3 on the Øresund Railway Line and is served by DSB and Skåne commuter rail trains. SJ operates X2000 high-speed trains to the Swedish capital Stockholm as well.
  • By Metro: Line M2 of the Copenhagen Metro links the airport with the city centre.
  • By bus: Movia buses 5A, 35, 36, 75 E, 76 E and 96 N and Gråhundbus line 999 all stop at the airport; bus 888, express-bus to Jutland, also stops at the airport. Movia bus 2A stops near the airport. There are long-distance buses to Sweden.
  • By car: the E20 runs right by the airport, and junctions 15, 16, and 17 are situated nearby. The E20 uses the Oresund Bridge to Sweden. The airport has 8,600 parking spaces.
  • By taxi: A taxi fare from the Copenhagen Airport to the city centre of Copenhagen costs around DKK 200,00 (€ 27). The ride takes around 15-20 minutes, depending on local traffic conditions.

Layover in Copenhagen Airport?

If you have a stop of a couple of hours in Copenhagen, we have prepared a list of five things to do on a layover in Copenhagen.

Aarhus International Airport

The Aarhus Airport is located in northeast Jutland (Denmark’s main land mass) and is situated 36km from the city of Aarhus. One passenger terminal handles about 650,000 passengers per year and operates flights to both domestic and European destinations, with about 100 destinations served in total.

Transportation to the airport from Aarhus:

  • By taxi: There are taxis traveling to the city available from outside the terminal building. The fare is around 300 DKK (€ 41) and takes ca. 30 minutes.
  • By bus: There is an airport bus service that takes passengers from the airport to Aarhus and back, the service is available 24 hours a day. Also, route 212 between Ebeltoft and Randers stops at the airport.
  • By car: There are several options available to travelers arriving and leaving the airport: car; bus; and taxi services.

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