Denmark Stats in English Beneficial

Each year, Denmark accommodates thousands of people of varied nationalities either as immigrants, students, employees or tourists. Denmark information concerning the country’s population can be gathered from the Statistics Yearbook.

While this Nordic country has its very own language, authorities believe it is important that they provide vital information in English as well for the benefit of foreigners who want to learn more about Denmark. The National Statistics Agency just did this in their new statistics yearbook.

The Statistics Yearbook published every year by Statistics Denmark contains billions of vital data. For instance, the number of people in the country aged more than 100 has increased from only 158 in 1990 to 806 in the current year. Did you also know that every seventh Dane has Hansen, Jensen or Nielsen in his surname?

If you’d like to get to know all about Denmark, its history, cultural heirtage and its people, the publication is your best resource. You will get a lot of interesting and useful information. The Statistical Yearbook 2009 was published just this June 11. The English version of the yearbook can be downloaded for free at the Statistics Denmark site

The editor of the yearbook, Stefan Jul Gunnersen, explained many people from other countries are interested in statistics the reason why it is crucial for the statistics agency to provide data in another language. They may be students visiting Denmark or institutions researching for world statistics.

It was in 1896 when the Statistics Yearbook was first published in the Denmark language. English translations were provided in 1952 and by 2000, a separate English version was published primarily aimed at foreign readers.

By early this year, majority of immigrants in the country and their families come from Germany, Turkey and Iraq. Foreigners comprise approximately 9.5 percent of the Danish population.

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