Denmark Trains Provide Bike Seats

If there’s one popular bike friendly country in the world, it has to be Denmark. This Scandinavian country is so committed to the biking lifestyle and the preservation of the environment that it constantly comes up with projects to make it easy and comfortable for people to use and take their bicycles wherever they go, alone or with company. 

If the buses have love seats, the trains now have the bike seats. For cyclists that need to bring their bikes on public transportation, Copenhagen’s trains now provide seats for these super light vehicles. This makes it hassle free for the bikers who were not that well accommodated in buses, trains and metro systems in the past any time they want to hop on to any public transportation. Before, bikes were only allowed on board during non-peak hours which means they could not continue their travel during rush hours.

Last year, the Danish State Railways started to allow passengers to carry bikes on trains serving the Copenhagen area. The effort was in support of the ongoing campaign to promote the bicycle as a legal mode of transportation around the Danish capital and the entire Denmark as well. The aim is also to provide convenience to cyclists around Copenhagen and encourage more people to bike.

In addition to the bike seats on trains, the Danish State Railways will also start providing bicycle pumps at several bike compartments already in place. The flex compartments will likewise be doubled to accommodate more bicycles.

Here are some more bike trivia you may find interesting.

Did you know that Copenhagen together with Amsterdam have closed downtown streets to car traffic to establish a comprehensive cycling infrastructure? This has been going on for the past 30 to 40 years already.

In Copenhagen, one-third of residents there use a bicycle on a daily basis to go to their work, school or go shopping.

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