Denmark Video Software Protects National Park

A zoo or any animal park is always an attraction to tourists whether young or old. People who especially have a great love for animals almost always find themselves visiting zoos whenever they’re in a new place. But did you know that managing a zoo can be a pain? This is what a Danish software company found out.

Milestone Systems which is headquartered in Denmark country found several major challenges in the Kruger National Park of South Africa. The Danish IT company was tasked to solve security and management issues that beset the biggest wildlife reserve in South Africa. Among the main problems they saw were poaching, speeding cars within the park that even hit animals and poor cash management. Poaching was rampant as a result of unemployment that forced people to sell wild animals such as the impala, kudu, buffalo and giraffe.

Fortunately, Milestone Systems business partner Camsecure has taken steps to use Milestone’s XProtect IP video software in managing network cameras at the Kruger National Park gates and camps. This unique Denmark video software helps in controlling the cameras placed at different borders of the park.

What this Denmark video software does is help park managers monitor vehicles that enter and leave the gates. With this tool, management is also better able to keep track of animals that are hit by vehicles on the roads or monitor the activities of poachers as well as the ATM machines within the camps. In other words, tourists are better secured now unlike before.

With the great help of the XProtect IP Denmark video software, people and vehicles that come and leave the park are registered properly. Problems or complaints can then easily be checked using the surveillance cameras managed by the advanced video software.

So there, another amazing Denmark video software innovation that has proven its worth in a major attraction in South Africa.

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