Denmark Wants To Ban Jesus From Football

Kaka is JesusMaybe the chairman of Denmark’s football federation was upset that they ended up on 15th place, but he clearly was not amused by the recent Federations Cup final between Brazil and the USA. After Brazil won the exciting match 3-2 and its players consequently joined to give prayers of thanks to God, the chairman called for a ban of religious displays of belief at football games.

DBU Secretary-General Jim Stjerne Hansen was not impressed by the Brazilians show of faith. “Personally I do not think that sport and religion should be mixed to such a degree that we more or less see a manifestation of a religious stance,” he stated.

“Just as we reject political manifestations, we should also say no to religious ones. There are too many risks involved in clubs, for example, with people of different religious faiths,” Hansen added.

High-profile players such as Kaka were shown wearing undershirts after the match that said “I belong to Jesus”, while several other players wrote “I love God” and “I love Jesus”. One Brazilian was more mundane and wrote “I love my wife” on his undershirt.

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