Denmark Wins 4:1 Against Cyprus in Euro 2012 Qualifications

In quite the spectacular match on Friday, Denmark beat Cyprus with a score of 4:1 in a qualification match for the Euro 2012 championship. The match started off interestingly enough for the audience, as Denmark managed to score a goal within the first six minutes, following it up with another one before the 10-minute mark was over. Cyprus’s rather weak defense didn’t manage to hold up against the constant pushes from Denmark’s side, which lead to a relatively easy victory.

Cyprus managed to score their goal only after being bombarded with Denmark’s own first four, leaving Denmark a clear winner in this still entertaining game. Looks like the Danish team is almost clear for the actual championship next year, with only one game left to decide their fate in this event – playing against Portugal on Tuesday, which will decide the group’s winner for good and will send either of the two countries to the big game next year.

And though members of Denmark’s team admitted that they started taking it a bit easier than they should after scoring their own four goals with almost zero resistance from the opposition, they still managed to pull together nicely and seem to be confident in their ability to sustain their winning streak and carry it over to next week, when we’re going to see who ends up in the big games. The Euro 2012 championship is shaping up to be quite interesting so far, and we certainly can’t wait to see how the events unfold in a few days.

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