Denmark’s High IT Literacy Boosts Online Travel

Reports show that Denmark’s IT literacy rate of 91% has a not so surprising positive effect in the e-commerce industry. With “92% of all Danish families” having Internet access at home, buying goods and paying for services over the Internet has become the norm since it obviously makes for unparalleled convenience.

The online revolution in Denmark (and elsewhere) is credited for the boom in online travel services and for resulting in more competitive pricing schemes. The reason for this is that the Internet makes it a lot easier to comparison shop, forcing travel agents, car rentals, hotels, and other travel-related service providers to offer lower rates.

With online travel services becoming increasingly essential, those in the travel and tourism industry who do not have an online presence are definitely losing out on market share. However, those that already offer goods and services online cannot afford to rest easy with their current share in the e-commerce industry as reports show that consumers are transitioning to the use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, making m-commerce increasingly relevant. This means that mobile sites and apps must be developed to fully take advantage of the Internet as a marketing tool.

And yes, though Danes may be pretty computer savvy, let’s not forget that this is a worldwide phenomenon so that targeting the international market to entice them to come visit Denmark in the future is also hinged on a sound online presence for those in the travel and tourism industry.

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