Denmark’s Holiday Homes Make a Family Holiday Fun

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Have you ever considered Denmark as a destination for your family holiday? We will give you three convincing reasons to go to Denmark for your next holiday, and we will let you in on a little secret about holiday homes in Denmark.

Let’s start with why you should go to Denmark for your family holiday.

  1. The Danes understand English at a high level: you’ll always be able to get by.
  2. The family-friendly beaches in Denmark are among the very best in Europe.
  3. Denmark’s attractions make the country one of the most fun places in Europe to stay for the entire family.

The best family beaches in Denmark are located on the western coast of Jutland. Here you will find wide, long beaches with a fantastic sand quality.

Some of the most popular family attractions in Denmark are Tivoli (Copenhagen), Legoland (Billund) and Faarup Sommerland (Saltum).

Now, to the holiday homes – a good option to hotels since you don’t want your family holiday to ruin the budget for next year’s vacation! You’ll find more than 30.000 holiday homes in Denmark for rent. The biggest holiday homes areas are situated in Western Jutland, Northern Seeland and on Bornholm. In West ern Jutland you will find the beaches, whereas Northern Seeland offers an exciting and relaxed local atmosphere. On Bornholm you can find some of the most beautiful nature Denmark in the middle and northern parts of the island.

So you see, consider Denmark for your next holiday adventure, and bring the family. See you around!

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