Discover the Rundetarn in Copenhagen

RundetarnOne historical structure in Denmark worth your visit is the Rundetarn which literally means Round Tower. Situated in the central part of the Danish capital of Copenhagen, this building was built way back in the 17th century specifically in 1637 and took five years to complete.

The Round Tower was constructed during the time of Christian IV as an astronomical observatory. It features a helical corridor with a 7.5-turn spiral ramp that leads to the topmost part of the tower. And there at the top, one can experience breathtaking views of the Copenhagen city unlike any other venue. During fair weather, for instance, the Oresund Bridge and Sweden can be clearly seen from the top.

This Rundetarn does not stand on its own. It is actually part of the Trinitais Complex which also houses the Copenhagen University chapel and its library. The library itself is a historical place having been built in 1482. The man behind the complex design is Hans van Steenwinckel, renowned for his Dutch Renaissance architecture in Denmark.

While the structure remains to be an observatory up until today which can be accessed by young astronomers and the general public as well, the library hall situated above the church has now become a cultural place where exhibits focusing on culture, art and science as well as concerts are being held.

What makes this historical landmark unique is its cylindrical shape and the materials – yellow and red bricks – used in the construction process. The observatory at the tower’s rooftop is in a dome shape. So if you’re into photography or just a visitor wanting to take a fantastic view of the beautiful city of Copenhagen, then the Rundetarn is indeed worth exploring.

It would also be a great experience if you happen to visit the Danish capital during the yearly unicycle race that takes place in the Round Tower. During this event, participants are required to go up and down the tower in the shortest time possible.

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