Discovering Indre By

The “inner city” of Copenhagen offers the best attractions for any visitor. Combining medieval charm and modern comforts, historic wonders and green areas, Indre By is the “true” heart of Copenhagen. It is where the capital city actually started and the neighboring districts have expanded from, right during King Christian IV’s reign over Denmark from the 16th to the 17th centuries.

To this day, vestiges of the king’s efforts to develop end enhance the fortified city can still be seen – from the surrounding artificial lakes (Sortedams So, Peblinge So, Skt Jorgensens So), the ring of parks and even some of the houses and buildings in the squares. The gates to the city did not survive the ravages of time but memorial markers are erected on the spots where they used to stand. Indre By has two major thoroughfares, also both known far and wide as major shopping and commercial hubs – Stroget, said to be the longest pedestrian-street in Europe” and Kobmagergade.

From these two areas alone, visitors can have their fill of shopping, sightseeing and eating. But what makes it better is the maze and network of tiny streets and public squares adjacent to the district where you can find more interesting discoveries. Aside from local wares and artisanal shops, the list of attractions seem endless – from the impressive Rundetaarn, Kongens Have, Amalienborg Palace, Ostre Anlaeg Park, Copenhagen Botanical Garden, Gefion Fountain, Christianshavn, City Hall, the Danish Design Center just to name a few. Also part of Indre By is the man-made island of Slotsholmen which is the seat of many political and governing bodies Denmark.

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