Denmark celebrates a lot of music festivals every year and Distortion is one which caters to the young urbanites with a taste for the club culture. Started in 1998 in Copenhagen, the summer festival has grown to become a five-day celebration that takes place all over the capital city of Denmark. It has also attracted revelers and party-goers from around Europe and the rest of the world – on the average over 90,000 people are said to participate in the daily parties.

What makes this contemporary celebration unique and much-anticipated is that the parties are taken to the streets and move to different locations in the city. On the first week of June, the streets and squares canals and even boats in Copenhagen are turned into over 150 dancefloors and party venues. The music is also diverse ranging from hip hop, electronic, rock, folk and jazz. There are local and international DJs and mobile groups who play for the crowds such as Hot Chip, Spank Rock, Superpitcher and many more.

The music parties are free and open to the public and start in the afternoon until the wee hours of the night.  What’s also nice is that the local residents don’t even need to leave their homes when the party is being held in their street – they can join right from their own balconies and dance inside their own homes. Aside from the musical performances there are art exhibitions (art galleries are encouraged to open their shops during this time) along with shops that sell everything from food to drinks and local souvenirs.

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