East Jutland is full of charming and picturesque towns that constantly draw the tourists in and Ebeltoft in Djursland is one of them. Close to Arhus and Odden, the quaint historical city of Ebeltoft prides itself on a number of interesting attractions that helped shift its focus from traditional trades of fishing and farming to tourism promotion. There are two main attractions that keep the visitors coming from far and wide.

The first is said to be one of the largest wooden ships in the world and Denmark’s last oak warship, the 19th century three-masted Fregatten Jylland. Displayed proudly in the city’s marine center along with other historical vessels, the “Jylland” as it is called by the locals was a part of great battles including the war against the Austro-Prussian Fleet in 1864 and later on used to transport members of royalty throughout Denmark and the rest of Europe. The other gem is the Glasmuseet Ebeltoft or the Glass Museum which houses over 1500 objects of glass art made by 600 artists from all over the world.

It was built in 1985 as a museum dedicated to contemporary glass art and today it has more than the changing exhibitions from glass artists like Roman Bartkiw, Megan J. Kenny and many others. The museum also has a glass-blowing studio or workshop, a garden and a coffeeshop. Aside from these, the town also boasts of natural attractions such as the Mols Bjerge which is a National Park, the Ree Park-Ebeltoft Safari with a whole range of wild animals from all over the world and the beautiful beaches around.


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