Egeskov Castle

While in Denmark, make it a point to visit Egeskov Castle in Southern Funen, recognized as the best preserved Renaissance water castle in all of Europe. Built in 1554 by Francis Brockenhuus, the foundation of the castle was made from thousands of oak trees – thus the name Egeskov, which means “Oak Forest.” The estate itself occupies about 1, 130 hectares while the castle and the park is all of 20 hectares. Its original purpose as a fortified dwelling can be seen in its architecture and layout.

Entrance to the castle is only accessible through the drawbridge. The castle itself is made up of two long houses that are connected by a thick double wall. Inside the strong walls were built secret stairs and a well to store water during periods of fighting. The conical towers were also designed for lookout as well as to attack enemies from a distance. The stately castle has been transformed into a showpiece, where there are several small museums that displays the following collections: a vintage automobile collection, an exhibit on vintage motorcycles, a chronicle of agriculture in the country, a collection of flying vehicles and another on emergency vehicles such as those used by Danish rescue company Falck.

As well, each room in the castle contains valuable objects and art treasures collected from all around the world. An example is The Rigborg Room where the popular “Titania’s Palace” was built. This unique and intricately detailed doll house took over 15 years and several reputed craftsmen from Denmark to complete. The gardens are as impressive as the castle’s interiors, with over 120 different species of fuschia, four hedge mazes and several gardens with different themes and inspirations.

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