Emmelie de Forest: Danish Singer-Songwriter

This Danish singer-songwriter has the long birth-name Emmelie Charlotte-Victoria de Forest but gladly answers to the shorter version Emmelie de Forest or simply Emmelie. She recently came into the limelight after winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 for Denmark. Her debut album under the Universal Music label has been taken from the winning song “Only Teardrops”.

Born in 1993 at Mariager, Denmark, Emmelie has been singing since she was nine years old together with her mother in a gospel choir. She also did the rounds of music festivals while doing shows in small venues. Her very first album collaboration with a Scottish folk musician reportedly sold only 100 copies. Eventually, she embarked on a solo singing career but only after studying at the Complete Vocal Institute.

It can be said that her most major accomplishment so far is winning in the Eurovision Song Contest. Before being able to participate in the said contest, she had to compete with nine other acts in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and win. After winning the national selection, she went on to represent her country Denmark.

Emmelie has an interesting personal claim about her ancestry. She believed that her Swedish father descended from an illegitimate child of Edward VII, which if true will make her a great granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Though her claims remain unconfirmed, this has not stopped the promoters of the national contest from using it to create an interesting personal interest story in one of its contestants in the person of Emmelie. Her winning has certainly opened up a dream world that can follow in the likes of success stories of previous Eurovision Song Contest winners.


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