English Proposed as Second Language for Danes

The Danish people use their native dialect in their everyday lives but not many are knowledgeable about the English language. There are Danes who know how to speak a little English but they need to improve more on this language to become competitive as they start their professional careers. As students, however, they have an opportunity to study other languages and English is one of them.

There’s a new proposal today in Denmark to allow children to study English at an earlier age. This is through the new language strategy initiated by the Danish Education and Science Ministry working group. 

Recently, the education working group has recommended that kids in Denmark should start learning foreign languages earlier than usual. The present set-up is that children have to reach the age of seven before they can learn a foreign language but with this new language program, kids no longer have to wait until their 7th year before they can learn other languages such as French or German.

Members of the education working group believe that when they learn a new language at an early age, they can master it with much confidence. Unlike what’s happening right now when students are taught a foreign language at the start of puberty when they are not so interested in the subject at all. At the age of 7, for instance, youngsters are interested in a lot of things and are conscious about making mistakes in speaking languages they’re not familiar of. 

Another recommendation is to make English as the second language in this Scandinavian country. Through this plan, the government hopes to improve the language system in Denmark.

Currently, there are numerous educational institutions in Denmark that offer English language lessons from elementary to college and even in advanced courses. This is not surprising at all what with the great number of international students choosing Denmark as their education destination.

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