EU Countries to Invest in Bike Program

Bikes are environment friendly, not to mention more affordable than cars. Biking is also a form of exercise which promotes better health. And this is what Denmark takes great pride in.

Currently, the use of bicycles is being widely promoted in Europe specifically in 27 EU member countries. For this eco-friendly campaign, experts from the different parts of the world are heading to Copenhagen and Amsterdam which are known as the leading cycling cities.

Another positive development is the huge investment put in by authorities from Denmark and the rest of Europe for this bike program. If you’re interested to know how much is being invested here, it’s estimated at EUR 600 million covering the period from 2007 to 2013. For its part, Denmark is investing DKK 1 million starting from this year 2009 until 2014 on condition that the municipal and regional authorities will put in the same amount.

The move to reintroduce the use of bicycles in Europe came during the opening o the Velo-City in Brussels this week. The occasion was also in line with promoting the bike as an important means of transportation. European Transport Commissioner Antonio Tajani said the EU is committed to promote the bike as a neutral transportation means because it does not emit carbon dioxide.

London is among the cities eager to adapt the bike program. It has already scheduled a special event to hype up the use of bikes in the city come September when London celebrates its Free Wheel day. A Danish architect known to be a major player in various international bike projects has been tapped to help in this effort.

To bike or not to bike, that remains a question. What about you? Are you ready to bike all the way? If everybody will do it and if it’s for the good of the environment, there shouldn’t be any more questions.

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