Everything About Schools In Denmark

Are you thinking about moving to Denmark with the rest of the family? Then it is important that you understand what Denmark schools require of the children. It is a must that you are able to settle everything before your children move in to Denmark schools to help ease up the challenges of moving to a new learning environment.

Children in Denmark are required to complete the 10-year compulsory basic education. They start school August of the year they turn six. Although younger children can be enrolled in some day care center, they are only allowed to start formal school education at the age six. This 10-year program is composed of a year of primary education, nine years of elementary and secondary education and a career-focused tenth year.

Most Danish children are enrolled in public schools where all these years of basic education come for free. However, there are also other educational institutions around Denmark where children can be enrolled in but parents need to pay for tuition. However, if you want to save on costs, you may avail of the free education that the government provides.


Migrants to Denmark usually come into the country as professionals, thus they prefer to send their kids to private schools in Denmark. Most of these schools are situated in and around the large cities in the country, particularly in Copenhagen. After they attend to the primary, lower and secondary education, your kids can choose to attend to programs that will prepare them for higher tertiary education. At this point, they may also opt to work to support themselves throughout school.  

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