Exhibit Highlights Copenhagen by Bicycle

Its bicycle lifestyle is one of the main reasons why Copenhagen in Denmark remains a top attraction to tourists and environment advocates from around the world. This is no surprise because after all, the bike is a very environment friendly transportation that lets you reach your destination without the carbon emissions that vehicles often produce.

To honor Copenhagen’s bike culture, an exhibition entitled “Copenhagen by Bicycle” will take place starting November 21 and will run until May 16 in 2010. Venue is the Kobenhavns Bymuseum or The Museum of Copenhagen at Vesterbrogade 59.

During this exhibition, visitors will get the chance to learn about how the bicycle lifestyle in the Danish capital began starting from the Draisine to the most modern bikes available today. And it’s not just the common two-wheel bikes that will be highlighted during this long event because the local inventions such as the Long John also known as the Christiana bikes will also be featured in photos. These the bicycles you see on the streets every day used to transport goods, kids and even adults. 

This unique exhibition on Copenhagen’s eco friendly mode of transportation will also show visitors representations of the bike in art, literature and even popular music. In addition, bike enthusiasts to include the well known and also the less known city residents will get to share their personal experiences in Denmark’s capital.
Copenhagen City officials today are very aggressive in promoting the benefits of bicycles not only among the local residents but among foreign tourists as well. Dedicated bicycle lanes and paths have been expanded to accommodate more bikes and to encourage people to use this transportation on a daily basis whether for work or leisure.

Guided bike tours are also available for tourists wishing to explore Copenhagen while more experienced cyclists can take their own tour at their own pace and time. It’s absolutely safe to take a bike tour what with special bike lanes and routes in place all around the city and nearby areas.

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