Experimentarium City: Where Children and Adults Alike Experience Science

It is said that science is best learned when experienced. There is a particular attraction in Denmark known as the Experimentarium City which offers experiential learning of science for children and adults alike. It is a unique place of destination for any traveler or even among locals since it is not only a place to see beautiful scenery but also a place for learning.

In discovering new places, people remember more if a place is able to provide information that they can bring wherever they are. Memories of a place are retained longer because of the association of the place to certain facts and important data. Expermentairum City offers this in a fun-filled environment, providing families hours of productive bonding.

Experimentarium City is a 3000 square meter interactive science museum. It is located at Trangravsvej 10, 1436 København, Denmark. Children will have the time of their life in this attraction as they get to experience science like never before compared to regular classroom science learning.

With more than 300 different exhibits, there is bound to be something for every visitor. Some of the more popular attractions include the surf simulator which allows one to experience the waves without getting wet and the interesting travel inside the human body, among many others. The Winter Sports exhibit lets visitors try their skills on ski jumping and other winter acitvities. It likewise features several outdoor activities.

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