Facts You May Not Know About Roskilde

Roskilde. You may have heard this often being referred to as the location of one of Europe’s largest music festivals. Each year, this place hosts hundreds of thousands of music fans who are eager to see their favorite bands and music artists play and sing live music.

But there’s more to Roskilde than just being the venue for this annual music festival for the youth. This town officially known as Roskilde Lejre is an ancient city being discovered more than a thousand years ago. It dates back from the Viking Period and is in fact a member of a network of the Most Ancient European Towns. Perhaps, not many of you even know that this used to be the capital of Denmark from around 960 to 1536.

Getting to Roskilde is easy. From the Danish capital of Copenhagen, you can take a 30-minute train ride. 

Being an ancient city, there are naturally old structures worth exploring in Roskilde. One of them is the Roskilde Cathedral which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage.

While here in this charming city, you can also bike around to explore the natural environment and other wonderful sights. A beautiful regional cycling route to take that is strongly recommended is the Route 40 also known as the Fjord Route spanning 275 kilometers. This runs along Roskilde’s Fjord and Holbaek and is not only ideal for bikers but even for those who enjoy hiking and kayaking.

Those who love historic spots can go for the Kings and Vikings route of 30 kilometers. Couples can also take the romantic cycling route of 10 to 15 kilometers along Fjord and the forest.

Visitors who want to explore the place by foot can take the 64 kilometer hiking route called The Path of the Gods or Gudernes Straede in Danish. This runs from Koge Bugt to the Isefjorden.

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