Farup Sommerland : A Family Business Gone Big

In Denmark, there are many businesses operated by families. One of these is Fårup Sommerland. Opened and still operated by the Kragelund Family, this amusement park can be found in North Jutland, a very popular holiday area in Denmark. From having a few children’s rides during its opening, it has now expanded both in physical size and the attractions it offers. Its opening season welcomed about 40,000 eager visitors. Today, 500,000 visitors per season is a conservative estimate.

Fårup Sommerland is very much a family-oriented place of entertainment and fun. Its lush landscaping plus some featured themes in specific areas of the park provide visitors every reason to come back especially during the summer season as its names suggests. The Water Park is one of its most popular attractions.

Though not divided into themes like other amusement parks, the attractions in Fårup Sommerland can be categorized into three main areas – family water activities, and action activities. Family attractions include the 4D Cinema, the Traffic School where kids get to drive their own car, and a host of kiddie rides. Its latest addition to its rides is a new rollercoaster. The Park also offers a daily diving show plus a squirrel and hedgehog children’s show.

Fårup Sommerland is a business operated by a family, catering to families not only from Denmark but also from those who come from other countries. The park which is a great place for family outings can easily be accessed. Packed lunches are allowed to be brought in. It is conveniently located near a beach while technically still being located in the woods. 


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