Four Hidden Gems in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District

Copenhagen is internationally known as a vibrant city in Denmark regardless of the time of day. But not all people know about the city’s hidden gems.

When it comes to art galleries, some of Copenhagen’s coolest are situated in an area called Kodbyen which is  Copenhagen’s Meatpacking Distrcit. This is the city’s district where most meat processing facilities are located. Some of the butcheries and processing plants here remain to be active but unknown to many, some have already been converted to art galleries and other entertainment spots that boast of unique concepts.

Apart from the art galleries, some of the facilities in the Meat City are being leased to designer shops, cafes and clubs. A special report published in the New York Times’ travel section described the district as an area blooming with creativity amid the still active meat processing plants. It added that early morning in the Meat City means youngsters coming from the clubs going home and butchers reporting for work.

To give you a hint, here are some of the great establishments you can find in the Kodbyen district.

Karriere – This is a bar well known for its great tasting cocktails that boast of authentic ingredients that can be found only in Denmark. These are the elderflower juice and birch water.

Jolene Bar – This is a lively bar that’s always filled with all kinds of people enjoying the night away through drinks and dances. Loud music is its trademark and it found just the right spot in the Meat City.

Fiskebaren – Food lovers will surely enjoy the scrumptious seafood cuisine served in this restaurant. If you haven’t tasted the tartare of Jutland trout and blue mussels from Holbaek Fjord, this is the place to go if you even visit Copenhagen.

Art Rebels – This is a designer shop that sells clothing for all gender and ages. Creations by Bangbang Copenhagen and Froks are just some of those you can find here.

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