Fresh Food Festival in Denmark

Since the year 2009, Denmark has been holding an interesting food event annually. It is called the Fresh Food Festival and by its nanme it is easy enough to deduce what kind of food takes center stage here. The most recent one was held last July 2014 at Osted Efterskole, a place which usually serves as a boarding school for teenagers. The venue is about 30-40 minutes drive from Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark.

The event is an annual celebration of the principles of raw food and the healthy way of living. The language used in conducting the activities is English to allow foreign visitors to participate more fully. During the event, a number of seminars, lectures, as well as sports and social activities are conducted. Participants get to join like-minded people who enjoy healthy meals of fresh, ripe. raw fruits and vegetables.

Raw foodists believe that cooking destroys natural nutrients and natural enzymes contained in food. These, which are believed to be destroyed by the heating process are the very things that help in boosting digestion and fighting chronic diseases. The last event specifically focused on the 80/10/10 vegan eating plan which basically refers to eating food with 80% of calories coming from carbohydrates, 10% fat, and 10% protein. The festival’s highlight was the participation of celebrated raw food expert Chef Chris Kendall from Canada.

Registration packages offered vary depending on whether accommodation will be needed or if it is just a day visit. Volunteers are given special discounts. Children below 2 years old are admitted for free.

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