Gavno Castle

One of the most magnificent castles in Denmark can be found in the island of Gavno in the Naestved municipality in South Zealand. Although the original castle was built in the 13th century as a fortress meant to protect the southern coastline of Denmark, it was transformed into a nunnery from the 15th to the 16th century. When Count Otto Thott acquired the property he rebuilt the castle in the 18th century and completed it in the impressive three-winged estate done in the Rococo style that it has retained until today.
The count was an avid collector and used the castle to house his numerous acquisitions of paintings, manuscripts and books. The private library alone is said to hold over 120,000 books exceeding even that of the Danish National Library and his collection of art works includes a lot of paintings by European masters and is the largest private collection in the country.
Unlike most other castles in Denmark, Gavno Castle is still inhabited by the family of Baron and Baroness Reedtz-Thott. But a lot of the parts of the castle can be viewed by the public. The most popular section is the Gavno Castle Gardens which is counted among the most beautiful English landscape gardens in Denmark. There are cherry trees, lynden trees and a park full of tulip bulbs that all bloom in splendid colors during springtime. There are also sculptures and monuments that adorn the park and the Skjaersommer, a 19th century playhouse which will house the private doll collection. Beside the castle is the 14th century Gavno chapel which is also ornately adorned.

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