in the Capital Region of Denmark on the east cost of the island of Zealand is
the municipality of Gentofte, the 7th largest city in Denmark with a
population of about 72,000. “The green municipality” (so-called because of its
large green areas) is comprised of seven districts: Vangede,
Ordrup-Charlottenlund, Klampenborg-Skovshoved, Jaegersborg, Gentofte, Hellerup
and Dyssegard. Its proximity to the cosmopolitan area of Copenhagen makes it an
ideal residential area as well as a day trip destination for tourists staying
in the city.

around Gentofte you will find impressive buildings and architectural structures
done in styles such as Neoclassical, Modernist and Danish Functionalism –
must-sees include the 18th century Bernstorff Palace and Bernstorff
Gardens, the Hovedbibliotekt (Library), the Charlottenlund Palace, the Town
Hall and the Mariebjerg Kirkegard, a municipal cemetery named as one of
Denmark’s most valuable architectural edifices. Kildeskovshallen, Gentofte’s
biggest sports arena is also one of its most impressive architectural buildings
built by famous Danish architect Arne Jacobsen.

entertainment, locals and visitors head to the Dyrehavsbakken, said to be the
world’s oldest amusement park; theatre venues such as the Bellevue Teatret and
Gentofte Kino; Denamrk Aquarium; and the Gentofte Stadion for sports events
(especially football matches). There are also museums where one can discover
more about the municipality as well as the rest of cultural Denmark: Oregaard
Museum which houses a large collection of pictures of Copenhagen; the
Odrupgaard with its display of Danish and French art works from the 19th
to the 20th centuries; and the Lokalhistorisk Arkiv which has a
chronicle of local history.

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