Get Ready For The Copenhagen Beer Festival

Beer is a staple drink anywhere in the world especially during parties and festivals. Denmark boasts of its very own brand of beer that is hard to resist. It’s actually here in this country where the world famous Carlsberg beer originated.

On May 6 to 8, Denmark will celebrate once again the Copenhagen Beer Festival. This has been a yearly event since 2002 and has attracted numerous people eager to educate themselves about beer and how it’s made.

Of course, this is also the perfect time to be able to taste various types of beer that can only be found in Denmark. Some varieties available are the dessert beer, fruit beer and beer mixed or topped with whipped cream. One of the highlights of the Copenhagen Beer Festival is the presentation of over 800 kinds of beer courtesy of some 70 exhibitors. Visitors and beer connoisseurs will not only have the chance to meet the local Danish brewers but even those from other countries abroad mostly from Europe.

For this year, the annual beer festival will happen in Tap 1 on the old Carlsberg grounds in Valby, Copenhagen.  This three-day event attracts more than 20,000 guests ranging from beer fans, pub owners, waiters, chefs as well as adult men and women.

To attend the festival activities, visitors need to pay a minimal entrance fee. The amount already covers a beer guide that provides a description of participating, dealers, breweries and their products. In addition, one gets a free sampling glass of beer. However for those who’d like to taste the other kinds of beer being presented, they just have to pay for tokens valued at 10 kroner each at the information desk.

Mark these dates then and head to Copenhagen this weekend for a unique beer experience you will never forget.

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