Getting to Know the Museum Erotica

If you’re after something unique in Denmark, there’s one museum that you have to visit. It’s a place that titillates the senses but is worth exploring for a more enriching visit to this Scandinavian country. Unfortunately, it has been closed since March 2009 due to the sudden death of one of the founders and the financial crisis that hit many parts of the globe.

Situated just off the Stroget strip, the longest and famous shopping area of Copenhagen, this place first opened to the public in 1992 by photographer and director Ole Ege and business manager Kim Clausen at the Vesterbrogade location in the Danish capital. Two years later in 1994, it reopened at Kobmagergade 24.

The Museum Erotica is different kind from other sex museums in that it combines sensual art with a clinical view of sex and pornography. It is also here where visitors can explore the origins of human sexuality from all parts of the world starting with India and ancient Rome. Each piece displayed in the museum has long notes in Danish and English explaining its significance.

There are 25 galleries in total in this Museum Erotica displaying paintings, postcards, photos, films, magazines and sculptures featuring erotic pornography. To give you an idea, there is one room where Playboy centerfolds are featured and another special exhibition highlighting popular Hollywood figure Marilyn Monroe. Another small room has a sofa in front of a wide wall with small TV screens each of which show porno video.

But be aware that this museum is for adults and some areas are off limits to youngsters aged 16 and below. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed then that it will reopen soon as it’s highly recommended for new visitors to Copenhagen.

Meanwhile, you can view artworks on eroticism at the Contemporary Erotica Exhibition III in Aarhus beginning November 26. Get to see sketches, photos, paintings and other art forms featuring artistic expressions of erotic scenes by creative artists some of whom are women themselves.

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