Go Ultralight Flying in Denmark

Is flying in open air or ultralight flying something you’ve always dreamed of doing? If you’re in Denmark, you can very well do this.

Ultralight flying refers to piloting a one or two-seater ultralight aircraft which is the old type similar to those flown in the olden days, some with propeller. This has been in existence in Denmark since the early 80’s and in fact, an association has been formed by people who are into this kind of activity. Members as of late have reached 520.

There’s also the Ultralight Flying Club Albatros whose members also belong to the association. Membership to both the association and the club is necessary in order to fly an ultralight plane.

In Denmark, there’s now an estimated 240 ultralight aircrafts. These are personalized planes designed and flown by licensed pilots.

To fly ultralight aircrafts, one must have to obtain theoretical education and pass an exam for pilots. The course involves at least 15 hours practice together with an instructor in a two-seater aircraft and solo flying for at least five hours. Once these requirements are accomplished, the pilot can then take the test to obtain his UL certificate. The complete cost of the education and license is around 4500 DKK ($850).

Greenland, a part of the Kingdom of Denmark, recently hosted the 20th year event of the Yankee Ultralight Flyers Club. Held at the Sanderson’s Field, this yearly activity allows people to fly together with some pilots and club members. Visitors who attend this event are normally airplane fans and those who have dreams of flying in an ultralight aircraft. 

The annual flying activity is also an opportunity for pilots to learn from each other and airplane enthusiasts to be inspired by their fellow ultralight fans. During this event, visitors will also get to see different shapes and sizes of ultralight aircrafts from the small trikes to the full sized passenger planes.  The so-called trikes are very small with one or two seats in the open, an engine and a single wing.

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