Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Tales

One of the famous names from Denmark is that of fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. This Danish author is known worldwide for creating wonderful stories that provide lessons especially to young children. But although he’s best known for his The Ugly Duckling and The Littler Mermaid stories, Andersen was also able to write Christmas fairy tales.

The Fir Tree also known as The Pine Tree is one of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic Christmas tales. This short story revolves around a fir tree that is so eager to grow up that he is just not contented living in the present time. The tree also feels embarrassed and frustrated because of his small size. Until one day when the fir tree was cut down to become a Christmas decoration in a home where he was adorned with candles, toys, candies and apples. He then got lonely when placed in the attic after Christmas and was eventually cut and burned.

The Little Match Seller or Match Girl is a story concerning a little girl who sells matches on the streets in winter. With no hat or shoes, the little girl braves the cold just to sell matches fearing that her father would beat her if she made no sale. She then lights her matches which brought good wishes to warm her soul.

The Snow Drop focuses on a flower that grows in winter. In this story, the flower blooms early and is able to survive despite the wind and snow. It is later picked by a child and then pressed in a letter. Eventually, the flattened Snow Drop flower ended up in a book.

The Snow Queen is considered to be one of Andersen’s best and longest. First published in 1845, the story revolves around the struggle between good and evil based on the experience of a little boy and girl named Kai and Gerda. The tale is told in seven stories with the queen of snowflakes as the main character who travels around the world.

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