Hans Christian Andersen Festival

Since the year 2013, the Hans Christian Andersen Festival has been funded by a group pf professionals from Odense. The festival showcases various cultural activities and adventures into Andersen’s fantasy world. This yearly activity has become a much awaited event in the city.

Aside from the traditional activities associated with cultural festivities such as guided tours, theatrical performances, and even educational seminars and lectures, locals and visitors have been treated in the past two years with surprise street art and performances as well as other modern interpretations of the works of Hans Christian Andersen. This has effectively gained ground for the organizers’ primary goal which is promote the city of Odense both in the local and international market. Each year a set of paid and free events are lined up for those interested to join.

There is very conscious effort to preserve the authenticity of Andersen’s works even with the aggressive campaign to make them more appealing to the modern and younger generation. Andersen is certainly an icon in Denmark courtesy of his popular fairy tales that continue to be retold over generations. Although only an honorary citizen of Odense, Andersen has been provided maximum honors befitting of his outstanding contribution to Denmark’s positive reputation.

The festival has been set to happen this year from August 16 to 23. As early as now though, preparations are ongoing. In fact, applications for those who are interested to perform at the festival closed last December 12, 2014 yet. This is to give enough time to the concerned committees to review all applications. It is no wonder then the festival as a whole depicts quality and innovation. 


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