Hans Christian Andersen’s Island

There is a place in Denmark fondly called Hans Christian Andersen’s island. It is actually not officially named as such but is called so because it is the birthplace of Andersen, one of Denmark’s most famous author. Think Little Mermaid and people will instantly know who he is – the Father of Fairytales himself.

The real name of the place is Funen. It has attracted its own share of interested visitors who cannot help but associate it with fairytale and fantasy, thanks in part to Andersen’s reputation. Being the third largest island in the country, it offers more than these but will gladly indulge those who puirposely seek such magical experience.

Funen features Renaissance castles, historic houses, lovely breakfast and beds, and inns that befit the atmospheric island. It is of note that most of the land is owned by rich private individuals and families. This should explain the big number of castles and manors found all over the island. Danish aristocracy is very much evident in this part of the country. The cost of maintaining the properties though have persuaded most of them to have select parts open to the public.

It is not hard to understand how it was possible for Andersen to produce fairytales like he did, seeing how inspiring it is to be living in Funen. Even without fairytale magic, the island weaves its own magic and can hold its own beside the now more popular Copenhagen. This island will always be unique because it is the closest that can ever be called as Hans Christian Andersen’s island.

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