Hjørring Library: Reading is FUNdamental

Many libraries all over the world are certainly noteworthy for their fun, eye-popping facades, beautiful interiors, elaborate corridors and walkways, and more. Today, we’ll take a look at one of the libraries where design resonates with its thrust and vision.


The Hjørring Library, nestled in the Metropol shopping mall, is a must-see and must-visit for avid readers if all ages, Its interior was designed by the architectural duo Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord, and their vision is a visual invitation to immerse oneself in the pure fun and pleasure of reading.


For starters, the library’s many sections are connected by a giant red ribbon on the floor that winds and braches out from room to room and back again. This ribbon dips and turns and rises, often transforming into many fixtures throughout the library. The ribbon is a sometimes shelving system, sometimes a doorway arch, sometimes a countertop, sometimes even a nook with just the right size for a little one to go curl up in and tuck into a book.


Speaking of children, The Hjørring Library’s interiors are also designed with kids and their parents in mind. There are special “quiet” and “playful” sections of the library where children are free to run around and play. Some rooms also feature a pink “sitting blob”, a gigantic beanbag large enough for 20 or more children to lounge around on, and a “reading fish pond”.  There’s also a room for VIP – Very Important Parents – specially designed for parents attending to young ‘uns  and toddlers.


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