Hotel D’Angleterre – Where the Most Romantic Suite in Denmark is Found

If you are searching for a romantic destination in Denmark, Hotel D’ Angleterre comes highly recommended as the hotel which has the most romantic suite in the country. The original hotel was built in 1755 but it was gutted by fire. The present structure is a result of extensive refurbishing and extension done from 1872 to 1875. 

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, it occupies a prime location opposite the Royal Opera. It continues to hold on to its reputation as the most prestigious and elegant hotel in the city. This is especially so now after its most recent reopening in May 2013. The hotel now boasts of fully refurbished rooms and suites.

One of its suites- the Karen Blisen Suite, is considered the most romantic suite there is in Denmark. It can provide the perfect place to spend a romantic getaway in this side of the world. The hotel is especially known for its personalized service and extraordinary hospitality. That enough should give romantic travelers enough reason to take the effort to come and visit. The hotel offers more though through its exceptional dining offering.

There is something so romantic about structures that not only stand the test of time but also manage to come out above the more contemporary ones in spite of the passage of time. The effort done not only to restore the hotel but also to offer more in terms of facilities and service is commendable. Looking at Hotel D’Angleterre now is enough proof that it makes sense to preserve a country’s sense of history in physical structures.


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