How to Find a Job in Denmark as a Foreigner

Work in Denmark Special: Many people dream of working in another country but this is not an easy task. One needs to search for the most suitable job first and then submit applications to the company as well as to the country’s embassy. Submission of the necessary requirements, however, does not guarantee acceptance.

But there’s no harm in trying to apply for work especially in a country as beautiful as Denmark.  If one has the proper skills and positions suited to your qualifications are available, there’s no reason why you should not grab the opportunity.

Despite the financial crisis, Denmark continues to accommodate job applicants from other countries. Numerous jobs are available which you can conveniently search on the internet. The Jobs in Denmark page on provides English language information on hundreds of positions in different fields from information technology, health care, banking, marketing and research, media and communication.

If you have the funds, you can even travel to Copenhagen in advance to personally ask around about available work. Befriend as many people as you like such as when you go to restaurants, hotels, pubs and markets. Especially in the gastronomy industry, job openings for English speaking people most often spread by word of mouth.

For foreigners who are eventually accepted to the jobs they applied for, the next step is usually applying for a resident and work permit. Both the employer and employee are required to provide information to the Danish embassy specifically to the Danish Immigration Service for the issuance of such permit.

Finally, it will really be helpful if you learn learn Danish. This will give you more opportunities to learn about the culture of the country and communicate with more local residents who may not be proficient in the English language. 

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