Inns Help Boost Denmark Tourism

Denmark InnAny country benefits from its tourism industry especially if this the number of visitors consistently experiences an upswing. Denmark tourism is also flourishing at this time even when other countries are suffering from an economic crunch. This Nordic country has successfully maintained a favorable economic climate making it attractive to foreign tourists.

Visitors to Denmark land have a wide range of accommodations to choose from today. But to those who would like to experience authentic Danish hospitality, the inns are highly recommended. Unlike the more expensive hotels in Denmark, the inns provide a homey atmosphere and therefore very ideal for visitors who wish to stay in a simpler place that will make them feel at home any time of the day. They’re cheaper as well which means you can still spare your extra budget for some other stuff.

History has it that the first inns in Denmark land were established in the 12th century. During that time, King Erik Klipping ordered the construction of inns along the Kings Highway. The purpose of the inns were to serve as stopover points for coaches to allow tired travelers to rest, relax and eat a hearty meal. The inns in the olden days that provided a place of accommodation for travelers were granted a reward in the form of a special Royal License. That particular license allowed the establishments to bake bread, brew beer, distil spirits for their own use or even to sell to the public. At that time, no tax was levied on those products.

The modern inns that contribute greatly to Denmark tourism today offer wonderful and friendly service and hospitality comparable to the hotels. Families can even enjoy special rates if they have children with them. Kids below 4 years old are free when staying in their parents’ room while older children can enjoy discounted rates.

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