Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Denmark

Are you travelling to Denmark soon? Before you jump into the plane and get the dream Denmark vacation started, here are a few interesting facts about Denmark that you didn’t know about. Perhaps knowledge of these could help you make your stay in Denmark even more interesting.


  • Fact 1: Danish men choose to marry late. In fact, among all European men, Danish men are the latest to get married. Most of them focus on work and are too engrossed in find a fitting career where they could succeed. At the average, Danish men get married at the age of 32.
  • Fact 2: Denmark is a country that comes as a group of islands. There are a about 443 islands in Denmark and yet there are less than 76 of these islands remain inhabited. You could only imagine how nature’s wonders help keep these inhabited islands more beautiful than it already is.
  • Fact 3: If you’re wondering how old the flag of Denmark is, then you’d be surprised to know that it is the oldest in the world. As an independent country, its flag has been used since 1219. You weren’t even born at that time yet.
  • Fact 4: Several studies have been conducted that named Danes as the happiest people on earth. According to the Cambridge University, among all Europeans, Danes find themselves in the happiest disposition in life.
  • Fact 5: Everything is Denmark might come off as a little expensive for someone who has visited countries in Asia or maybe even the US. However, Danes are able to survive this because it has the lowest income inequality across continents.



These five facts about Denmark and Danes will help you see through Denmark in a different light. Perhaps after your trip, you might even adopt their happy disposition in life.  

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