Isola Rock Music Club


Rock music has been around for many years and many people don’t grow tired of it. It is a music genre that has evolved through the years and now has many variants. There are rocks songs you can sing, groove or simply listen to, which is why a club that plays rock music is enticing to tourists and locals alike.

Isola Rock Music Club opened in 2007. Its current venue used to be Stereo Bar, Copenhagen’s coolest club in the 90’s which is across the Nørreport Metro Station. Behind Isola is Peter Dellefar who is also the co-owner of Riesen Bar and McKluuds in Vesterbro, He wanted to open and after hours bar for those who love rock and roll music.

In Isola, there are no dress codes. You may come as you are and enjoy the club’s down-to-earth and no frills vibe. They serve beer and some cocktails too. There are DJ’s that play classic rock from Thursdays to Saturdays, but expect surprise guests such as Danish rock performers to make live appearances once in a while.

This laid-back club is open from 8 in the evening until  5 in the morning, Wednesdays to Saturdays. Thursdays is happy hour all night on draught lager and selected shots. One must be 22 though, to enjoy the drinks and fun tunes.  Isola is also an events place which you can rent for launches, weddings, birthdays and other occasions. It has three flours which can accommodate around 250 people.


Linnésgade 16A, Israels Plads


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