Is It Expensive to Live in Denmark?

For a long time , Denmark has been included in the list of the most expensive countries to live in. Sometime in the year 2012, it was adjudged by some observers as the most expensive country in the world. In a more recent listing though, Denmark comes fifth after Switzerland, Norway, Bermuda, and Australia. So is it really expensive to live in Denmark?

Based on the many factors that contribute to the computation of the cost of living in a country, Denmark’s prices are higher and so with its tax rate. Depending on whose side you are part of, the higher minimum wage rate can be an advantage or disadvantage. Obviously, this benefits the employed sector more than the employer sector. Healthcare cost for people with no insurance is quite intimidating. Rental cost is likewise quite high compared to other countries and the difference in costs for acquiring daily needs and luxury items are also apparent.

All these however have to be taken in the light of other daily living considerations in Denmark. Because of the strong trade union representation existing in the country, workers have the benefit of higher wages. Higher wages of course mean increased ability to live comfortably in spite of the higher cost of living. The higher tax rate redounds to the benefits of citizens and permanent residents through generous welfare benefit packages. Gaining citizenship and permanent residency status in Denmark opens up opportunities for free education and medical assistance.

It is obvious that the high cost of living is balanced by the offered benefits and privileges to citizens and permanent residents. Foreigners therefore who intend to live in Denmark will need to qualify themselves for these benefits. 



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